18 Nov
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Bertram organizes “Bertram Sunrise Run” a Charity Run for House of Blessing Foundation

Suwanna Eiampikul (Eleventh from the Left) and Titima Eiampikul, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Bertram Chemical (1982) Co. Ltd., respectively, manufacturer and distributor of medicated oils, inhalers, balms and muscle pain relief cream under the brands “Siang Pure” and “Peppermint Field” and owners of Peppermint Bike Park and Mint Café organized a Charity Run—“Bertram Sunrise Run.” The proceeds after costs were donated to the House of Blessings Foundation that provides a home for previously convicted felons and their relatives to aid and teach the necessary skills to adapt to normal life after conviction. In addition, the funds will provide educational scholarships for the children of convicted felons. Professor Sunthorntarawong (Ninth from the Right), Chairman of the House of Blessings Foundation, ran alongside the 2,500 participants at the Pantainorsingh Temple in Bankhuntian on the 18th November 2018.

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