05 Jun
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2 Elite Speed Demons on Bertram Sport Team Places Top 50 Runners in The 3rd St. Louis College Mini Marathon

           Jumnian (Noi) Glumteun (Right), aged 51 years old and Srisuda (Mam) Grashurum (Left), aged 28 years, members of the Bertram Sport Team representing Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of medicated oils, balm, inhalers and muscle pain relief cream under the brand “Siang Pure “and” Peppermint Field”, placed 23rd  (1 hour 9 mins) and 36th (1 hour 13 mins) respectively. This was the 3rd St. Louis College Mini Marathon to promote a well-balanced lifestyle as well as fundraise for those who have been in accidents in the Sathorn area and are at the St. Louis hospital. There were over 1500 participants in this mini marathon on June 3rd, 2018.

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