19 Jul
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Bertram Brings Back A Smile by Sponsoring Nong Film’s Scoliosis Surgery

Khun Suwanna Eiampikul, Chief Executive Officer (2nd from left) and Khun Titima Eiampikul, Chief Financial Officer (1st on the left) of Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of medicated oils, balms, inhalers and muscle pain relief cream under the brands “Siang Pure “and” Peppermint Field” celebrate with Nong Film Sirawich Srikrombutr (3rd from the left). Nong Film is a 14-year-old boy who suffered a severe case of scoliosis. Through the Channel 5 television show, Pun Fun Pun Yim, Bertram granted a sponsorship fund for Nong Film’s spinal fusion to cure his scoliosis. Over the past year, Bertram has been able to sponsor hospital fees for eight children through the Pun Fun Pun Yim program totaling a value of 1 million Thai baht.

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