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Peppermint Field products are aromatically refreshing with its signature scent of Peppermint Oil that boasts a wide range of benefits including aromatherapy. Not only is the aroma of Peppermint Oil relaxing but it has various cooling effects and can help reduce stress. Our products are the perfect on-the-go refreshment products for use anytime, anywhere.

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Peppermint Field Inhaler

Black Inhaler

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Product Features

Black Inhaler

Black Inhaler… extra cool, extra strength with double the Eucalyptus oil which can help kill bacteria in the respiratory system! With its sleek, black design the Black Inhaler is the new must-have item. It also has the perfect blend of refreshing scents from Peppermint Oil and Menthol creating an extra refreshing scent. Formulated with only 2% Camphor, you can be sure that it is safe for your nasal membranes. Simply inhale through your nose, rub it under your nose or onto your temples or even drop it on your mask for better breathing!

Peppermint Field Inhaler

Peppermint Field Inhaler is an aromatically refreshing2-in-1 nasal inhaler that provide feelings of freshness and relaxation. Its ingredients include peppermint oil and menthol that are natural aromatic decongestants that have cooling effects and can help with nasal congestion, headaches and motion sickness. Simply inhale or rub the drops of oil onto your mask or onto your temples. Peppermint Field Inhaler contains only 4.9% camphor making it safe for the nasal membranes, thus, can be used as often as necessary

Peppermint Field Balm Gel

Non-sticky, light weight gel formula! Peppermint Field Balm Gel is a fast absorbing gel that does not leave any residue after application. Its aromatic properties provide a feeling of freshness and relieves nasal congestion, headaches, dizziness, and motion sickness. It’s small, portable and come in two refreshing scents: Peppermint and Green Tea.

Peppermint Field Balm Stick

Peppermint Field Balm Stick is easy to use, mess free, and can be used with an easy twist and apply function. Its medicated properties come from the Menthol and Peppermint Oil that calm and cool the skin affected by insect bites, rashes or other skin reactions. Our Peppermint Field Balm Stick comes in two scents: Peppermint and Green Tea.


Peppermint Field Inhaler has six different color rings. All colors have the same aromatic properties and scent.

The Black Inhaler’s scent has extra strength because there is two times more Eucalyptus Oil in the Black Inhaler than the Peppermint Field Inhaler which has a less intense, aromatic smell.

Our products are sold in convenient stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. Our products are also available on our LINE Official Account: @peppermintfield

The Orange Scent Inhaler is only sold on our LINE Official Account: @peppermintfield

Our Facebook Official Account: Peppermint Field or our LINE Official Account: @peppermintfield

Peppermint Field products were developed and manufactured in Bertram Factory, a prestigious manufacturing facility that boasts international certifications in the pharmaceutical industry such as GMP/PICs. All products pass through a research and development facility and extensive QC processes to provide the highest quality for our customers. For example, Peppermint Field’s filling and packing process uses technical machinery that meet the cleanliness standards of leading hospital operating rooms.

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